Shop and Café

We have a little shop selling Finnish goodies, such as sweeties, coffee, pea soup, and other essential ingredients. The shopkeeper always welcomes new stock - if you are travelling from Finland and have some spare space in your suitcase, please bring some items for sale - you will be fully reimbursed.

The café is a meeting point at the school without which our hard-working students and teachers could not function. We have established a baking rota - please ask for details. The café is open during school hours.


All members are entitled to use the library. We have a vast collection of books in Finnish both for adults and children. There is also a DVD library - a nominal fee is charged for renting DVDs. The library books have recently been catalogued.

We also have a magazine exchange system, whereby people can bring along their old, used Finnish magazines and swap them for others. This is great way for Finns to keep abreast of life in Finland and for non-Finns to maintain and improve their language skills.

Senior Club

The Senior Club was established in April 2008 in Manchester. The aim of the club is to support local Finns, liaise with the Finn-Guild and the Friendship Network, as well as Suomi-Seura.

The club, which meets every couple of months, invites all over 50-year-old Finns and Finnish orientated to join, and organises various activities from pub lunches to theatre etc.

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