Joulun sanahaku - a Christmas wordsearch

That's right - here's an Advent wordsearch for you to have a go at, because you're surely not busy at all in the lead up to Christmas. 25 words to find! All helpfully listed underneath. One thing: the theme is the Finnish Christmas, so the words are all Finnish ones. As well as trying to complete the puzzle, why not look up some of the words if you don't know them, and learn more about Christmas in Finland?
Sorry - anteeksi - it's not interactive, so you may want to print it out. And maybe click on it to enlarge it on your screen.

aatto   adventikalenteri   glögi   joulu   kalkkuna
kinkku   kirkko   koristeet   Korvatunturi   kuusi
kynttilä   lahja   lumi   maamme   napapiiri
piparkakku   poro   pukki   puuroa   talvi
tiernapojat   tonttu   torttu   tapaninpäivä   tähti


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