A few days to go! Get your tickets now!

That's right, our big 40 Year Anniversary party is only a few days away, this coming Saturday! And we do have a few tickets left, so if this little reminder makes you realise you can come after all, don't hesitate, leave us a message on our Facebook page, and we'll sell or reserve a ticket for you, no problem.

Where is it? "I've never heard of Mobberley!" No, I hadn't either, but Kari found it for us and it's very easy to find, close to the airport, M6 and M56, near Knutsford. It's called Victory Hall; it looks like a nice place, with everything we need. What do we get? Well, there will be a few words to start with, some awards, along with some artwork by school members on display. Then, we're in for a fabulous treat, a buffet featuring some top quality traditional Finnish food, followed by music, a raffle and more.

It'll be nice to see people. Some old friends are coming, as well as current members, not to mention visitors from the wider North West region. The anniversary brings it home to us that the School has been the centre of a lot of connections big and small between Finns and British people. If you pick up a copy of the newsletter, you'll see proof of that, in all the various essays and reminiscences from members past and present. So - whatever your situation or connection to Finland, if you're around this July, this very week, come and join in the fun!


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