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Helsinki Noir

While that title makes you wonder why we haven't seen as much Finnish-style bloody murder on our television screens as from the rest of the Nordic countries - come on Finland, you can do this in your sleep! - you might like to visit this unusual exhibition at the Amos Anderson Art Museum if you're in Helsinki sometime in 2016.

This is the cover of the little book you're given when you enter the exhibition. From the back cover:
Sumuisen ja kostean marraskuun lopulla löytyy Kaivopuiston rannasta hyisen meren syleilystä nuoren naisen ruumis...In the final days of a damp, misty November, the body of a young woman is found in the icy embrace of the waters off Kaivopuisto Park... The book is slim and anyway divided between Finnish, Swedish and English texts, and is easy enough to follow while you progress at normal speed through the exhibition. It's a decent read, nicely written by Susanna Luojus.

There are a couple of spookily atmospheric 'installations' at the beginn…