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Manchester's Finnish Festival of Orienteering

The Honorary Consul of Finland in co operation with Manchester and District Orienteering are putting on a themed weekend of Orienteering activities in order to celebrate and make the UK Orienteering Community aware of the 100 years of Finnish Independence.
The weekend (Friday 13th to Sunday 15th October 2017) will show how traditional Finnish forest orienteering as enjoyed in Finland and the UK has developed. The themed weekend is being promoted to the whole UK Orienteering Community as a Festival of Orienteering celebrating Finland's 100 years of Independence.

There will be two level C events in Stockport, Lyme Park and Town Centre and a fun 'Metro' event in Didsbury, Manchester
General InformationVenue
Friday: Didsbury, South Manchester suburb (Evening Street event)
Saturday Lyme National Trust, South Stockport (Classic Parkland/Moorland event)
Sunday Stockport Town Centre (Urban event)

SI Punching will be used. SI cards are available for hire @ £1 per day for Adults (…

What bear?

Victor has been coming to the suomikoulu for a long time, and has had time to explore many of the more interesting nooks and crannies across Finland. He's become an expert on Finland's railways, and uses them to get about. 
Towards the end of summer last year, he could be found up near Kuusamo, visiting a wildlife refuge while staying with friends.
Their guide was an affable old gentleman, who set up the encounter we see here. One hopes it's just a trick of camera perspective that makes Victor's new acquaintance seem so close! (click on either of the pictures for a larger view)
Victor was very struck by their guide's relationship with the bear. He made sure that there was always a good distance between the group and the animal. But isn't it funny how sometimes a wire fence can seem a bit inadequate? However, he was quite happy to wander into the bear's enclosure himself - obviously the bear knew him and they were perfectly familiar.
All interesting wildlife …