The Finnish School in Liverpool

Close to Manchester, but in a place Mancunians know to be not quite of this planet, is the Finnish School in Liverpool. Our two schools have very different histories but good links, worth being aware of as we approach the end of term and Independence Day 2016.

Liverpool's suomikoulu resides at the Gustav Adolfs Kyrka in the Baltic Triangle, otherwise known as the Scandinavian Seamen's Church, not far from the Albert Dock and Liverpool One. It's an impressive and very distinctive building. If you ever visit, take the opportunity to see the unique worship space at the top. Apart from religious services, these days the building serves various other functions including the interests of the various Scandinavian communities in the Liverpool area, working together as LiNC. See the various flags outside. Co-ordinated Nordic events include film showings and a Christmas bazaar, this coming weekend I think(?).

Finnish School days are alternate Saturdays, with classes from 2 to 4ish, and a break for food... sorry, just distracted there for a moment by the thought of the food... As I was saying, there are children's and adult groups. Typically there are two adult groups, beginners and 'advanced', although occasionally circumstances bring the adult classes together. To be honest, the numbers can be quite low some Saturdays, and although small class numbers might sound good, you want a little bit more really. The school and the Finnish community here may be smaller than Manchester's but it's very friendly and welcoming and the teachers and everybody make it all enjoyable. Give it a go if you live in the area!

Oikealla - pää-Minna. Keittiössä on kolme Minnaa. Uskon että se on keittiönsääntö.

The food at break times is very good indeed. As someone who bakes sometimes for our own school in Sale, I'm beginning to feel an acute sense of competition, which Manchester may not be winning! Here, the main dish was 'seamen's stew'. We often get tasty soups, and always some irresistible cakes. There were two new students yesterday who looked at the spread with dismay - they had no idea this was part of the deal and had had a full lunch just before coming along :)

The building is blessed with a wide open reception space, and so has been able to put on an excellent Independence Day event for some years now. Many members of the Manchester School have come over in the past, and obviously it's great to bring us all together, so please do think about making the trip this year if you've never been over before - it's on Saturday 3 December at 3pm: that's right, just after our Christmas Party! More details of this later, at the school in Sale and also on the Facebook page. To be serious a moment, although this might sound like a determined attempt to wreck any diets you may be on that day, it's a chance to see more of the life of Finns in the UK, strengthen links and make new friends. So, see you then?


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